At the Right Move Team, we Market Your Home for all It's Worth!   We begin with the basics....the Multiple Listing Service, and a For Sale Sign.  But what makes our listings sell so much faster than the average agents?.   

Here is what makes us different than any other Realtor out there.  For each of our listings, we:
 - Use a Professional Photographer, and post at least 20 photos of your home
-  Advertise your home for sale on,,,,, YouTube, and more. 89% of buyers begin their search on the internet, and we make sure you're where they are searching.
-   Virtual Tours for every property.  A picture is worth a 1000 words.  A video is worth more.
-  Text for Info on every Listing.  Buyers driving by your home NEVER find an empty flyer box.  Instead, they find an attractive sign rider that invites them to text for listing info and a virtual tour. The technology costs more, but it allows us to capture their phone number so we can call to follow up. With paper flyers, you don't know WHO'S been by.       
-  Fully used Listing info.  In the MLS, where buyer info is based, we complete ALL the info  required for a home, and use ALL the space allowed to describe your home. 
That's why our listings sell faster than the typical agents, and for a higher percentage of the list price.   Click on one of the links below to get started!